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Team CHAOS - RSH Media

Team CHAOS - RSH Media

Team CHAOS - RSH Media

Team CHAOS - RSH Media

Team CHAOS - RSH Media



Search for chaos and you will find us!
We are an awarded team in The Netherlands! Our goal is to compete with other teams in European leagues! And expand our experience!

Verified Team!

Find us and 'GAME ON' and 'GAME HARD'
We are an verified team we compete and fight fair and competitive against other teams within our leagues. We keep things fun and social!

Targeted Practice

One way or another, we keep it fun for you and our selves!
We practice because we are doing it with pleasure and it is our formed life style. Paintball has became a part of our lives and we keep it that way!

Want a match?

We play home matches and external matches!
We are a mobile team, we can play at our home base or do a match at your home base. Going to location is not a problem for any of us!

News and Updates


Chaos Company update

Chaos Company<meta http-equiv=”X-Frame-Options” content=”DENY” /> De laatste training van dit jaar en ook de eerste training met een nieuwe team setting. We zijn naar paintball world geweest om de nieuwe plannen voor 2015 te bespreken. Het...

Out of hybernation

The team is getting out of hibernation to bring some CHAOS this year. It was a good off season for the players. There was some fun balling and some team building while working on out home field. First of all we want to introduce the roster for this season 1. Marlon(captain) 2....

Friends and Family Day 2013

Team CHAOS and Paintball Alkmaar had their first Friends and Family Day at 9th of June, our team and friends and family has shown a great competition during the paintball matches and every one has shown their teeth on the field and has brought some nice battles on the field. As...

NPL 7 April 2013

Yesterday Team CHAOS performed well at the first leg of NPL on the fields of PBXS! The results are : Chaos vs Old Boys 4-3 (win) Chaos vs Furious 2-4 (lost) Chaos vs Anarchy 3-4 (lost) Chaos vs Supreme 4-0 (win) The dedication of our team has clearly shown results and the whole...

The Team

Mark van de Molen

Position:  Front
Nick Name: “”
Name: Mark van de Molen
Player Number:
Birth Year:
Player Since: 2009
City: Schagen
Team Function:
Main Setup: Lv1 PE


Position:  D-side
Nick Name: “”
Name: Dominik
Player Number:
Birth Year:
Player Since: 2010
City: Diemen
Team Function:
Main Setup: Geo 3.1 PE

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Helder Telecom

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Paintball Alkmaar

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Pako Vloeren

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